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Synergy – Sum is greater than the parts

It’s a big topic I’m sure I’ll cover again in the future, synergy, the name we give to the phenomena that mixtures of things working together seem to have greater power than a simple sum of their component parts. The … Continue reading

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Blue Tits and the ‘Potpourri’ hypothesis

European Blue Tit – CC photo credit – marko_k Following the bees, now the birds and more on the neologism pharmacophory*. Other members of the animal world have been documented to ingest plant or mineral substances apparently in response to … Continue reading

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Snake Root and Medical misinterpretations

Could a 50-year-old pillar of modern psychiatry be based on a misunderstanding of an ancient herbal medicine and the already available evidence? Some researchers have suggested just that. Notwithstanding the real and significant personal and social toll that mental health … Continue reading

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Reading matters – The Beginning and End of Western Botanical Sciences?

Been reading more than writing lately, and thought I’d share a few interesting posts and stories concerning the beginning and possible ending of field and practical botanical science in the western world. Starting with the excellent ArtPlantae blog and their … Continue reading

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