Plant Communications

HT to Anthropogen for pointing to an interesting piece of research on plant communication.

Then via New Scientist

To the Open Access original research paper in PlosOne about an ‘other’ communication ability of plants. Or at least a Chilli seed and seedlings ability to know exactly when a Fennel is near about. Even if we try and hide it.

Fairly straightforward but fascinating science well explained that highlights what we don’t know about plant communication and senses.

Out of Sight but Not out of Mind: Alternative Means of Communication in Plants


Which certainly made interesting reading accompanied with Do Plants Think?  at Scientific American, via the wonderful Weekly Botanical.
A review which led me to another book to put on my wish list.

Also of interest has the been the recent showing on local (Australian) public broadcast TV of the new BBC Scotland series How to Grow a Planet.

Based on The Emerald Planet: How Plants Changed Earths History, by Prof David Beerling. With Prof Iain Stewart, the Scottish geologist who did the previous documentary series How the Earth Made Us. He suggests himself, he has twigged onto the fact that actually plants and their production of oxygen, among other qualities, bought major and long-term changes to the atmosphere and oceans of the planet, to the state we know today and facilitated the spreading of life across the surface of the land.

A fascinating and well produced 3 part series on the significant role that microbiota, photosynthesis and eventually higher plants have played over hundreds of millions of years regarding the development of life on earth and the biodiversity we came to be within.
It is available free online (ABC iView) within Australia for a while, I guess the DVD is available elsewhere and looking around it is likely available online in other countries.


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